A Mesopotamian nation; the Basurs. In the Basur palace, the Sultan Little Esat who is loved by the community. Little Esat’s Harem where many different women coexist. The women in the Harem have only one purpose; to give birth to a baby boy for the Sultan Little Esat.

The Sultan Little Esat’s throne is in danger since he doesn’t have any boys but 45 daughters. The half-sister of the sultan Zehire Sultan’s son Vekilcan is the only heir to the throne. For that reason Zehire Sultans mother Governor with Mosaic Sultan is doing her best to prevent from any baby boy being born.

At the same time Zehire Sultan, constantly tries to kill her brother Little Esat. Her biggest help for that is Little Esat’s right arm Rattle Hamit Pasha.

The biggest enemy of the Basurs is the King of the Crimean-Congo. Contrary to Little Esat all of the children of the King Ulan Bator are male. Ulan Bator’s biggest objective is to conquer all of the Basur lands and for that he sends his sister Abide Sultan to the Basur Palace as a spy. She’s smart, beautiful and attractive enough to become Little Esat’s favorite.

Comedy 2012- 2013

Production Company : Tukenmez Kalem / Fox
Directed By : Suleyman Secik
Cast :
Levent Uzumcu 
Mehmet Ali Erbil 
Nurseli Idiz 
Basak Sayan 
Duration : 72 x 45 mins.
Available in HD