Osman Kozan is a business man who is among the richest of Ankara. He is a strict man who cares about discipline and causes his children and wife Zuhre to be unhappy.

The oldest son Cüneyt is the back bone of the family who manages the company by responding softly to his father’s toughness. Cüneyt falls in love with Feride, a distant relative of his mother. Feride likes him too but Osman doesn’t approve the relationship. Feride doesn’t want to cause problems between father and son and pushes Cüneyt away. Cüneyt meets Eylül who is the perfect bride for Cüneyt. Ambitious, rich and attractive. Osman does everything to push Cüneyt to marry Eylül but he’s unaware that he’s preparing his family’s end. Eylül has only one target: To take revenge from Osman and destroy the family. Someone else wants that too: Cousin Tunç.. The two characters seeking revenge cooperate and start destroying the Kozan family from within.

Mehmet Kemal is the most independent member of the family who has always been up against his father’s . He studied in Europe and came back home. Osman is expecting him to marry Handan, Mehmet Kemal’s childhood friend and long term fiancé. She’s also the daughter of one of the richest families of Ankara.

Mehmet Kemal and Handan meet by coincidence and fall in love with each other. She is from another world and doesn’t know he is the son of Kozan family. He never makes it around to tell her the truth until one day Osman follows his son and tells Bahar the whole truth.

But what Osman doesn’t know is that the heart wants what it wants and he can’t control his children like his employees.

Drama 2011- 2013

Production Company : Focus Film / Show / Star TV
Directed By : Gursel Ates
Cast :
Nusret Senay 
Ulviye Karaca 
Gaye Turgut 
Mert Altinisik 
Duration :
Season 1: 190 x 48 mins.
Season 2: 205 x 48 mins.
Season 3: 194 x 48 mins.
Season 4: 204 x 48 mins.
Available in HD